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Welcome to One of a Kind Solutions

Web Design and Tech Support in Fort Worth

Thanks for checking out our website! One of a Kind Solutions is run and managed by Jeremiah Benes. I am devoted to offering quality web and graphic design services for an affordable price. In today's economy, the need for an online presence is growing. Customers now do many more things online than in the past. Having a website can definitely maximize a business's potential and drive up profits and revenue.

One of the main reasons companies never develop a website is because of price. Here are One of a Kind, we understand that and make our rates affordable for any size business. We also base our pricing on the site as a whole, and not the number of hours it took us to develop. Feel free to look around or contact us if you have any questions.

Design Strategy

When we design a website, we take the whole site into picture. How does this element look here? Do these colors go well together? What stands out on the page? We take your ideas and make your site visually pleasing yet flawlessly functional at the same time.

Web Standards

We use only the highest web standards. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has set standards for HTML and CSS. We strive to make all of the websites we design W3C compliant in order to maximize across browser support and the overall quality of the site.


All of our websites are designed and implemented in a timely manner. Depending on your need, we can implement parts at a time or do it all at once. We do not consider a website completed until it is W3C compliant, fully functional, and the customer is satisfied.

Industry Standard

I use the same programs to design your site that all of the other major companies use- Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop. These programs have become the industry standard and I am committed to giving you the highest quality possible.

Certified Professional

I am certified by W3 Schools, the world's largest site for developers, in HTML, XHTML, and CSS. I also have a vast knowledge of many other coding languages, such as JavaScript, JQuery, and Ajax. I am always striving to learn something new everyday.

Any Need

My services can be used for any of your technical needs. Whether your site needs a little spiffing up, a total redesign, or you need a website made from scratch, I will work with you to achieve a pleasing final product.

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